Look for Male Actors-PLEASE READ

Look for Male Actors-PLEASE READ.

We are currently looking to cast two males for a role in our webseries. This position is not paid, but will be great to put on your acting resume. The roles are as follows:

Braelin Dent- Syn’s best friend and business partner (party promoter). They previously explored being more than friends but decided against a relationship. The feelings are still there and there is tons of chemistry. He smart, confident and very business oriented. He’s always about his business but he also knows how to have a good time. He’s laid back and charming and he’s a player. He knows that Syn is his future and he’s just bidding time until she’s ready for a relationship.
Confident, but not overly cocky, smart, street smart, fun, child at heart, ready to settle down. Says what he means and means what he says, laid back, business oriented, focused, gets along well with other, meticulous in his style of dress, real, upfrontĀ 

Look: African American/Mixed/Hispanic, Over 5’5….Read the rest at the link above….